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What is Mazzaroth

Mazzaroth is a platform for building and running distributed applications leveraging distributed ledger technology (DLT). Mazzaroth aims to make DLT applications easier to develop and manage so that we can take advantage of the security, transparency, efficiency, and traceability that ledger frameworks offer.

The goal of Mazzaroth is to allow developers to easily create bespoke DLT networks that provide everything required to run applications that benefit from ledger technology. Mazzaroth applications are easily built by leveraging WebAssembly(Wasm) components, most of which are open-source and available for developers to use. Additionally, Mazzaroth provides several SDKs that define a set of standard application capabilities such as logging, error handling, data persistence, and transaction management. Anyone can create additional modules and reuse them across other applications leveraging the Mazzaroth platform. Applications built on Mazzaroth are commonly referred to as channels.

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What are Mazzaroth Channels

Today, applications are typically built on top of decentralized platforms where multiple applications, or smart contracts, exist. While these platforms can be useful for smaller applications (ICOs, NFTs, etc..), they often fail to support more complex applications. This paradigm often results in limited flexibility, sovereignty, and performance.

Channels, on the other hand, are built on top of their dedicated ledger. This means developers can customize the deployment of their applications against the underlying Mazzaroth platform. This methodology results in better performance, sovereignty, and operational security.

Learn more about [channels].

Why Mazzaroth

Mazzaroth is a high-performance DLT platform on top of which many channels can be built. Below, you can find a few reasons why you might want to consider building your decentralized applications with Mazzaroth:

  • Mazzaroth offers a unique permission-based configuration for each channel.
  • Mazzaroth's developer tools aim to provide easy-to-use tools to simplify the development of decentralized applications.
  • Mazzaroth provides a Wasm runtime that allows developers to build applications in multiple high-level lanuages. More importantly, this provides a secure modular computing environment that enables complex application development.
  • Mazzaroths core consensus algorithm is based on Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT). This allows for fast transaction execution times with low transaction latency.

Getting Started